SafeSmart Access and AdjustaStairs: Reaching New Heights in the Maribyrnong River Sewer Upgrade

The city of Melbourne is home to a sprawling 400-kilometre sewer network, a vital part of the city’s infrastructure. Among the key components of this network is the Maribyrnong River Main (MRM), a sewer line that follows the river’s edge from Avondale Heights to Ascot Vale. As with any infrastructure, time takes its toll, and the aging pipes of the MRM needed an upgrade. The project was not without its challenges, particularly the steep embankments along the river, one of which was 40 meters long. Enter SafeSmart Access, a Melbourne-based height access specialist, with their innovative solution: AdjustaStairs portable stairs.

The Challenge: Steep Embankments and Safety Concerns

The Maribyrnong River Sewer Upgrade project was a complex undertaking. The existing pipes required cleaning and realignment, and some of them were located at the bottom of steep embankments. These embankments posed a significant safety risk to workers, restricting access and requiring harnessing for those on foot. This not only created a safety issue but also slowed down access, affecting overall productivity.

The difficult terrain and the steep angle of the embankments meant that traditional methods of access were not feasible. The project needed a solution that would ensure safety without compromising efficiency.

The Solution: SafeSmart Access’s AdjustaStairs

SafeSmart Access, renowned for their expertise in height access solutions, was approached to find an answer to this challenge. Their response was the AdjustaStairs portable stairs, a series of 818-step units that could be craned in and daisy-chained down the embankment.

Quick Installation and Adjustability

What set AdjustaStairs apart was their adjustability. They could be scaled to fit the 35.8-degree embankment precisely, providing secure and stable access. The whole modular system took less than a day to install, thanks to the efficient craning-in process.

The stairs were secured with concrete screw anchors at each end, ensuring stability and safety. The strong and weather-resistant aluminium construction meant that the stairs could remain in place for an extended period, performing as well as a permanently installed stair set.

Flexibility for Future Needs

The AdjustaStairs were not just a one-time solution. When the client needed to reposition the system for Stage Two of the project, the stairs’ easy portability came into play. Collapsible handrails and crane lifting points allowed for fast redeployment, demonstrating the system’s flexibility and adaptability to changing project needs.

Reaching New Heights with SafeSmart Access

The Maribyrnong River Sewer Upgrade project showcased SafeSmart Access’s ability to innovate and adapt to unique challenges. The AdjustaStairs portable stairs were more than just a product; they were a tailored solution that addressed specific safety and efficiency concerns.

SafeSmart Access’s commitment to quality and innovation has positioned them as leaders in the field of height access solutions. Their approach to the Maribyrnong River project exemplifies their dedication to providing practical and effective solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

The success of the AdjustaStairs in the Maribyrnong River project is a testament to SafeSmart Access’s ability to understand complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions. It’s a story of collaboration, innovation, and success that underscores the company’s reputation as a trusted partner in height access solutions.

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