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Increase efficiency and streamline workflows with bespoke solutions

We design platforms fit-for-purpose whether it’s in the field or in the workshop.
Built to last with durable materials compliant to many safety standards.
Our platforms are currently being used across all the defence force branches.

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How We Work
With the Industry

We are a proven designer & supplier of defense and military ground support equipment to access height, having designed & supplied platforms to clients such as The Australian Army, Royal Australian Navy, United States Navy, United States Airforce & Lockheed Martin, and others.

The development of our innovative platforms has led us to create a better understanding within the defence industry, which is why we’re able produce safer and more efficient systems across the military branches.

We supply a wide variety of height access solutions for defence sector applications including: aircraft maintenance, naval vessel maintenance, weapon system servicing, field deployable maintenance & other general loading and engineering maintenance tasks.

Explore our maintenance workshop solutions

Dive into the world of military vehicle maintenance through our captivating 3D renders.

Explore our solutions in action at the heart of defense workshops and see the difference our platforms make.

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