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Safety covered with floor to ceiling solutions

Move around without a harness with full surround roof edge protection.

Scaling up or down, we have a range comfortable egress solutions.
Work faster and easier for less with cost-effective height access

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The Solution Selector will recommend the best access solution for your needs in 30 seconds.

How We Work
With the Industry

SafeSmart Access has been working with the roofing industry for many years, providing roof access systems that improve safety and efficiency on the job.

Our roof edge protection, roof platform, roof ladder, and roof stair access solutions are innovative and easy to use, helping roofing contractors to carry out their work more safely and efficiently. We have a team of engineers and compliance certificates that back up our products ensuring that our clients can trust that our roof access systems meet or exceed the required safety standards.

Our goal is to help our clients create a safer working environment for their crews, while also improving their bottom line. See our range of solutions.

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