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The Smart Solution for Portable Stairs

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Made in New Zealand, and compliant with AS/NZS 1576 : 2010, these stairs are the perfect solution for safely gaining temporary access to a variance of heights. These portable stairs have been used in a multitude of capacities: batter access, in and out of waterways, in staircase voids during construction, as well around trenches, excavations, and more.

Most workplace injuries and deaths occur due to a fall from height. And of those falls, most accidents happen because of an inadequate ladder. In Australia, businesses are putting products like AdjustaStairs at the centre of their safety program, to improve safety and efficiency on site.

Self-levelling stairs allow for a variance of pitch angles and aluminium constructions means a combination of strength and easy portability. And a 600mm width, allows a worker to ascend the stairs with a hand free for tools. .

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