AdjustaStairs Lifting Lugs

AdjustaStairs Lifting Attachments

AdjustaStairs Lifting Lugs

AdjustaStairs Lifting Attachments
  • Provides a stable and secure lifting point for AdjustaStairs, ensuring safe elevation and repositioning.
  • Compatibility: Attachable to any aluminium AdjustaStairs model.
  • Load Capacity: 500kg Weight Rating.
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 1576 : 2010 and AS/NZS 1657 : 2018.
  • Enhances the convenience and efficiency of using AdjustaStairs across various site conditions.
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AdjustaStairs Add-On | Lifting Lugs
Lifting Lugs
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AdjustaStairs Add-On | Scaffold Mount Hook
Scaffold Mount Hook (600mmW) Scaffold Mount Hook (1200mmW)

AdjustaStairs Lifting Lugs offer a critical enhancement to the functionality and safety of modular stair systems. Devised for compatibility with aluminium AdjustaStairs, these lifting lugs allow for the straightforward elevation of stairs to various heights, enabling seamless access in a multitude of construction, maintenance, and transportation contexts.

Designed with a 500kg weight rating and compliance with AS/NZS 1576: 2010 and AS/NZS 1657: 2018 standards, the AdjustaStairs Lifting Lugs are built to underpin rigorous adherence to industry safety standards, ensuring that the repositioning of access solutions does not compromise workplace safety.

Safety and Efficiency

The enhancive value of the AdjustaStairs Lifting Lugs lies not only in their safety-centric design but also in their contribution to operational efficiency. The safe and rapid repositioning of stair systems facilitated by the lifting lugs translates into significant time savings and heightened productivity on site. The incorporation of these lugs streamlines the process of adjusting stair positions in response to evolving site demands, thus reducing unnecessary downtime and facilitating continuous workflow.

Usage Scenarios

  • Transport Loading Areas: Simplifies the loading and unloading of trucks and heavy machinery by offering secure stair positioning.
  • Construction Sites: Enables swift height access adjustments in dynamic construction environments.
  • Mining Operations: Facilitates stair movement across the rugged terrain and elevation variances inherent to mining locations.
  • Train and Vehicle Maintenance: Vital for safe stair placement during rail and heavy vehicle maintenance tasks.

AdjustaStairs Lifting Lugs are integral to broadening the application range of mobile stair solutions, effectively managing risk while augmenting access flexibility. SafeSmart Access stands behind this accessory as a testament to its ongoing dedication to safety and efficiency in height access solutions.

For detailed information and to acquire AdjustaStairs Lifting Lugs for your project, engage with SafeSmart Access – your reliable partner for height safety and access excellence.

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