Craneable Stair Towers

SKU: craneable-stair-towers-grouped

Craneable Stair Towers

SKU: craneable-stair-towers-grouped
SafeSmart Access offers innovative craneable stair towers as part of the Proscaf system, providing dynamic and safe solutions for various industrial needs.


  • Constructed with high-tensile aluminium and a positive locking rosette for strength and reliability.
  • Features single-width Proscaf Construction Stairs and double-width Proscaf Stretcher Stairs to accommodate different access requirements.
  • Customizable solutions with the ability to integrate with other SafeSmart specialty products, including SmartStage, SmartBridge, and ProClad.
  • Engineered to be lifted in modules up to 40mH, enabling flexibility and ease of relocation.
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 1576 for scaffold safety and performance.
  • Efficient relocation potential across large dynamic sites, following the work front.
  • Minimizes scaffold requirements, optimizing resource use.
  • Safely built in controlled environments and then craned to high-risk or challenging areas.

SafeSmart Access’s craneable stair towers, a premium feature of the robust Proscaf system, are crafted to meet the rigorous demands of construction, excavation, and varied industrial environments. These advanced access solutions are engineered with superior capacity components such as braces, ledgers, and transoms connected by a stalwart positive locking rosette. The system affords maximal safety and expeditious scaffolding deployment – a significant leap in operational efficiency.

Proscaf’s craneable stairs are a testimony to the system’s strength and versatility. They require only standard Proscaf materials for construction yet offer unlimited stair configurations to meet bespoke project needs. Their attribute of being crane-lifted significantly simplifies and accelerates the construction process, allowing for swift movement of access points—particularly pivotal during excavation or in high-traffic areas.

The stair towers come in two main types: Proscaf Construction Stairs for compliant single-width access and Proscaf Stretcher Stairs for double-width, high-traffic use. Both of these stair systems integrate seamlessly with all other specialist lines in the Proscaf range. This modularity ensures that the craneable stairs can pivotally reduce the scaffold footprint on your project without sacrificing access or safety.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety is not an afterthought in the design of SafeSmart’s craneable stair towers. On the contrary, they are inherent in the product’s DNA. Built to adhere to stringent safety standards such as AS/NZS 1576, the towers provide a proactive approach to risk management on-site. By enabling the assembly of scaffolding in a secure zone and subsequent craning into position, the towers mitigate the necessity of scaffold construction within high-risk areas, thereby significantly enhancing overall site safety.

Usage Scenarios

Craneable stair towers are ideally suited for a full spectrum of industrial settings that demand reliable and movable access solutions.

  • Large-scale construction sites benefit from the ability to quickly relocate stairs, keeping pace with the ever-shifting work front.
  • Excavation projects gain an edge in efficiency with the ability to move access points seamlessly as the project evolves.
  • Tough-to-reach areas, such as mining draglines or bridge piers, are made readily accessible without the need for on-site construction.
  • High-traffic environments, such as urban construction sites where time and space are at a premium, are serviced quickly and effectively with craneable solutions.

Through the innovative design and construction of these craneable stair towers, SafeSmart Access demonstrates a deep understanding of clients’ needs for safety, efficiency, and reliability in access solutions. With the flexibility to construct in safe zones and then crane the structure to its final location, SafeSmart Access stands at the forefront of construction innovation, significantly streamlining logistics and enhancing work site safety.

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