Case Study: SafeSmart Has Lendlease Singing from the Crane Tops

About Barangaroo

Construction activities at Sydney’s Barangaroo precinct sees multiple developments in a single area take shape on a scale that hasn’t been seen in the Harbour City for many decades. The area stretches for a kilometre from a point that lies in line between Erskine and Margaret Streets right up to the tip of Millers Point.

A big part of the project is the new casino and commercial and residential tower developments. As these towers go up, as have the challenges for gaining safe and efficient access to heights, particularly for crane operators. Sydney-based height access product manufacturer, SafeSmart Access, were recently praised by developer Lendlease for providing an innovative system that allowed safe and convenient access to crane towers, from the side of the building: The Crane Access Bridge.

The Challenge

Lendlease were originally using a cantilevered scaffold. This proved very expensive and time-consuming as the cantilever scaffold must be dismantled and erected on every floor level by a scaffolder, as the facade was being constructed up. Lendlease were looking for a cost-effective and mobile solution to provide access to their cranes.

The Solution

The Crane Access Bridge, custom designed and built especially for Lendlease’s unique needs on this project, features robust aluminium construction, and winching height adjustment for easy hand manoeuvrability. And hinged, spring-loaded fixing brackets accommodate any movement or swaying of the crane whilst the bridge is in position.

The Result

Here’s what Lendlease Site Logistics Coordinator and Façade Supervisor, Chris Drinan, had to say about the experience with SafeSmart:

“The Crane Access Bridge supplied, developed and manufactured by SafeSmart Access to Tower 1 at Barangaroo was a cheaper, safer and far quicker way of accessing our tower cranes than any other option we had previously used.

It could be rotated up the building safely using the tower crane with or without a landing platform.

It could be disconnected and safely rolled back into the building by two people in a matter of minutes to allow surveyors, façade contractors and more to access the building edge; the platform could then be safely reinstated within a couple of minutes.

“A safer and far quicker way of accessing our tower cranes than any other option we had previously used.”

The high sides and locking gate prevent unwanted access and any objects from falling from the walkway.

I now plan to utilise this bridge whenever I need access to externally climb tower cranes.”

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