Unearth how SafeSmart Access Enhances Mining Safety with an Innovative Work Platform

Unearth how SafeSmart Access enhances mining safety and efficiency with a height-adjustable innovative work platform for the Caterpillar 777 haul trucks and more!

UltraRaise Safety Enhanced

In the pursuit of operational excellence and safety in mining operations, maintaining a fleet of heavy vehicles like the Caterpillar 777 Haul Trucks is a critical task that demands innovative solutions. This is still the case for a major mining operator at Gove Bauxite Mine in NT, Australia where they reached out to SafeSmart for assistance with access to the fleet during maintenance.

These powerhouses of vehicles, essential for transporting materials, require rigorous maintenance to ensure productivity and safety at mining sites.

Understanding the Challenge

Leading mining companies understand that maintaining operational efficiency for their fleet of vehicles is paramount. The maintenance of haul trucks, dump trucks, and excavators is performed at considerable heights.

Challenges identified: 

1.  Safety Risks: Elevated work poses significant safety risks, requiring measures to prevent falls and injuries.

2.  Access Difficulties: Traditional ladders or scaffolding are inadequate due to the large, elevated Haul Truck trays,         
maintenance access.

3.  Limited Access Points: Haul Truck designs limit accessible areas, from cabin to frame and body inspections, increasing the
and maintenance costs for safe access.

4.  Uneven Surfaces: Uneven and hazardous tray surfaces complicate maintenance tasks. 

5.  Tool/Equipment Logistics: Transporting and managing tools/equipment on Haul Truck trays is challenging, affecting efficiency.

6.  Operational Disruptions: Maintenance can take vehicles out of operation, disrupting workflow and necessitating
solutions to minimise downtime.

UltraRaise Bridging Attachment MINING

Supplying the Solution: UltraRaise

To address these challenges, the innovative UltraRaise Platforms offer a versatile and safe height access solution tailored for the maintenance of heavy vehicles, including those in mining workshops.

The system’s adaptability and safety features, including significant height adjustment and compact, mobile design, ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for maintenance personnel, even in tight spaces.

A New Standard in Maintenance Efficiency 

The adoption of UltraRaise Platforms by various mine operators and their workshop teams represents a significant leap forward in addressing the complex challenges of maintaining Haul Trucks. This innovative solution has not only enhanced the safety and accessibility for maintenance personnel but also set a new standard for operational efficiency on mining sites from the Pilbara to the Hunter Valley.

The Impact: Beyond Safety and Efficiency

Since the integration of UltraRaise Platforms, the reports from workshop managers have observed measurable improvements in maintenance turnaround times and a reduction in downtime for critical mining vehicles. 

This efficiency gain translates directly into increased productivity and ensures that the mine can meet its demanding output targets more reliably.

We’re honoured to contribute to safety success at mine sites by providing work platforms and temporary access solutions that enhance safety measures on-site.

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