Custom Bridge Crane Access

Bridge Crane Access

Custom Bridge Crane Access

Bridge Crane Access
  • For bridge crane access from higher up the construction project
  • Load Rating: 2.5kPa heavy-duty
  • Compliant with AS 1657:2018.
  • Width: 1.2m wide modules for two-way access
  • Length: Modular sections up to 21m long
  • Compliant with safety standards for crane access bridges
Crane Access Bridge
  • 2.5kPa Weight Rating
  • AS 1657:2018.
  • Width: 1.2m
  • Length: 1, 2 and 3mL modules
  • The AdaptaSpan Bridge Crane Access is designed to reduce various risks, specifically when accessing tower cranes. Often, multiple personnel are involved in the task, requiring a solution that not only secures their safety but also enhances productivity. The AdaptaSpan Bridge Crane Access is engineered to be assembled off-site and craned into position, maximizing productivity and minimising installation time.

    Constructed from high-strength marine-grade aluminium, this bridge is robust yet lightweight, simplifying transport and setup. Its perforated deck offers excellent grip and drainage, minimising the risk of slips and falls. For added safety, the system is equipped with extra-height guardrails and certified crane lifting lugs, ensuring that the bridge can be lifted and positioned with ease and security.

    For bridge crane access from higher up the construction project, our client (Barangaroo Project) needed a bridge that would not only be safe and efficient, but also be able to be craned to different floors.

    SafeSmart designed and manufactured this Bridge Crane Access, featuring lifting points for craning, high-grade aluminium construction and winching height, and SafeSmart’s unique hinged, spring-loaded fixing brackets to accommodate any movement or swaying of the crane whilst the bridge is deployed.

    Additionally, SafeSmart incorporated a lockable ramp and gate at each end of the bridge to prevent unauthorised access. And mesh sides create operator safety whilst maintaining visibility.

    Safety and Efficiency

    The AdaptaSpan Bridge Crane Access system by SafeSmart Access, combines adaptability and efficiency, the system is quick and easy to assemble and comes with certified lifting lugs to ensure minimal downtime for installation. The efficiencies created by the AdaptaSpan system include: quicker access for the operators to the tower crane, tower cranes are a vital cog in the progression of a construction site, bridge crane time is always at a premium, by utilising our Bridge Crane Access, you can ensure maximum crane use time throughout the day.

    Usage Scenarios

    Various usage scenarios underline the versatility of the Bridge Crane Access:

    • Accessing Tower Cranes: As construction escalates, the bridge moves concurrently, guaranteeing swift, safe accession to the tower crane.
    • Site-to-Site Movement: The bridge’s modular nature facilitates simple dismantling and reassembly across multiple site locations, meeting the dynamic requirements of complex projects.
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