Oil Rig Platform for Maintenance

Oil Rig Platform for Maintenance

Oil Rig Platform for Maintenance

Oil Rig Platform for Maintenance
  • Design for safe work around ground and floor-based obstacles in oil and gas facilities
  • Constructed from high-grade aluminum compliant with regulatory standards AS 1657:2018
  • Height adjustability ranging from 0.3m to 1m
  • 225kg weight rating ensures robust support for maintenance activities
Oil Rig Maintenance Platform
Height adjustable to 0.3m to 1m.

SafeSmart are always designing customised products that help contractors carry out work safely around and over ground and floor-based obstacles. From oil and gas facilities on land to offshore rigs, we have been commissioned time and time again to create unique oil platforms, steps, stairs and more that bring added efficiency and safety to the work area.

We design in-house, directly with the client, and build many solutions from high-grade aluminium compliant with regulatory standards such as AS 1657:2018. This oil rig platform features height adjustability (0.3-1m), self-levelling stairs for accommodating different height ranges and towing lugs for easy transporting around the oil rig. This oil platform also has a 225kg weight rating.

The modular nature of SafeSmart’s Oil Rig Maintenance Platform allows for an array of configurations, providing solutions that can be adapted and expanded as the needs of the site change. Whether for generator maintenance, confined space work, or navigating around obstacles, these platforms offer reliable and secure access.

Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, the platform is built to endure harsh onsite conditions while resisting corrosion. The anti-slip tread design ensures footing safety in potentially slick oil and gas environments. Optional accessories, including side gates, can be added to enhance worker protection and guard against falls.

Safety and Efficiency

Designed with the critical safety concerns of the oil and gas industry in mind, the Oil Rig Maintenance Platform incorporates key features such as geared ratchets for easy height adjustment and telescopic handrails for edge protection. These attributes make the platform not only safe but also user-friendly, improving efficiency and reducing the time required for setup and modifications.

Usage Scenarios

  • Routine Servicing: For accessing engines and generators during regular maintenance intervals and shutdowns.
  • Confined Space Work: Facilitates safe entry and operation within large tanks and confined spaces common in oil and gas facilities.
  • Overcoming Obstructions: Designed to provide stable access over pipes, machinery, or other floor-based obstacles, minimizing downtime and injury risks.
  • Versatile Industrial Use: Suitable for various other industrial sectors that demand robust and flexible access solutions, like construction and utility services.
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