SafeSmart solves truck access solution for key signage business

Fleetmark Group Pty Ltd, who provide a complete digital print and fleet branding solution to the Australian market, specialising in fleet branding solutions, required safe access for workers to brand the trucks.

Some areas of the trucks are notoriously difficult to reach safely. At the same time, trucks are different heights, meaning a versatile yet safe system was needed.


Fleetmark commissioned SafeSmart Access to provide an answer to the challenge. The Mini Mobile Scaffold Towers complete with height adjustable castors, corner packs, and a 3m longboard bridging module was the perfect solution and within the budget.

The Mini Mobile Scaffold Towers allowed workers to safely access the upper reaches of the truck bodies and was also flexible to work in different heights. Also, it increased safety and efficiency in their processes.

SafeSmart now has the product added to their Aluminium Portable Scaffolding category on their Australian website, with more specification details, as a reference for global signage companies who may have similar applications.

The Mini Mobile Scaffold Towers can be expanded with accessories including the all-terrain stair pack, long board bridge set and corner pack. Made in New Zealand from marine grade aluminium, compliant with AS/NZS 1576 : 2010 and ready to ship to anywhere in Australia.

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