Jayco Caravans Can Service Easier with the Mini Mobile Scaffold System


Safe height access around vehicles proves to be a challenge for most workshops and servicing garages. For Jayco Caravans and their service department, accessing caravan roofs safely has always been a great challenge. Jayco reached out to us for a solution. Providing a safe working environment for their team of mechanics and carpenters as well as completing works in a fast and efficient turn around period, was absolutely vital.

Harnesses have previously been an option, but they were time consuming to install and can be cumbersome while working. Permanent scaffolding can also be time consuming to install and difficult to redeploy. While ladders often do not provide the adequate protection or rigidity needed for workshop vehicle repairs.

Working together with Jayco, one of our Technical Industry Experts was able to provide the Mini Scaffolding system as a versatile maintenance solution. Lightweight, redeploy-able, and rigid without compromising height safety for their staff around vehicles and workshops.

The Mini Mobile System

The Mini Mobile Scaffold system is easily set up with just one person, reaching a height of 1.9m to access the caravan roof while staff are protected with top and mid guardrails. Its thick aluminium frame walls offer superior rigidity and longevity no matter the bumps from tools throughout its working life. Though the real versatility is empowered by the functionality packs.

For a full U-shape platform setup, the Long Board and Corner Packs were combined with additional Mini Mobile Scaffolds for full access to the sides of the caravan, as well as making the roof completely accessible with ease and safety. Spanning over 3m, the Long Boards are extremely sturdy, supporting workers and tools at height. Additionally, for easy and safe access, we provided a 45-degree gated stairway so that employees could carry their equipment without having to scale ladder.

No matter the type of vehicle that arrives in the servicing department, the system is totally redeploy-able. Positioned on lockable castors, the portable scaffold can be completely stationary. But with a flick of the boot to unlock the castor, its lightweight aluminium frame makes it a breeze to move around the workshop.

Talking with Jayco staff after the installation, maintenance crews were extremely happy with the outcome.

Providing safe and efficient access to the caravan roof, platforms that were easily moved around the workshop, and a solution that is strong enough to support themselves and their tools. For a fast-paced workshop with a wide range of tasks, the Mini Mobile Scaffold system was the ideal solution.

No matter if you’re working on a caravan or a moxy, SafeSmart Access is an experienced supplier to the transport industry and understands the needs of workshops and their staff. If you’re interested in making your workshop safer and more efficient, reach out to us and we’ll work with you to reach new heights.

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