SafeSmart Brings Truck Loading to the Next Level

SafeSmart Brings Truck Loading to the Next Level

Truck Height Access Safety in the Project Yard

The Victorian Level Crossing Removal Project is in full swing, and aims to remove 20 dangerous level crossings across Melbourne by 2018, and a total of 50 level crossings across Victoria by 2022.

A project like this of course generates an influx in employment opportunities, for those who work for the Level Crossing Removal Authority directly and for the hundreds of contractors commissioned who combine to make it all happen. From engineering to excavation to construction and beyond, nearly every trades skill is employed in this initiative.

An eye on efficiency and safety is also kept on areas away from the immediate worksite itself.

Through a previous relationship and a subsequent referral by a key figure at Lendlease, height access provider SafeSmart Access has been commissioned to provide products that make materials loading process in the project yards safer.

One project yard for the LCRP is in Clayton South, Victoria, and the other two—so far—are in Carnegie and Murrumbeena. These two temporary sites, of course, do not feature permanent docking facilities from which workers can safely unload trucks. And materials for the construction of new railway stations, gantries and the like are being shipped to site frequently. The manual loading is intensive.

Enter: SafeSmart’s Truck Loading Access Platform. This product—offered in 4m, 6m and custom configurations—was developed to allow access to a truck via one entry point, paired with access at height along the entire length on the trailer without having to constantly step up and down.

With previous experience with providing for Lendlease’s construction projects—as well as for Lendlease partner CPB—SafeSmart Access’ Dean Strange says that their company was at the front of their client’s mind when it came to customised and specialist portable height access.

“Our clients have safety at the centre of their operations,” says Dean. “They understand that adhering to safety standards also positively affects productivity.”

SafeSmart’s understanding of compliance regulations also makes them attractive to their clients, for example, S/NZS 1576.1: 2010, a code for safe scaffolding equipment, is the standard applied here. And Dean says that often they will combine their knowledge with their clients’ before a product is designed and made, to help them comply, consequently fulfilling their obligations to their own client.

“It’s a two-way street. The needs of a client like Lendlease will often give us ideas for new designs. But our knowledge of safety standards for different types of structures will help them form their internal processes and standards for safety.” And SafeSmart’s involvement in future sites of the crossing removal project is looking promising. “It’s not just the truck access platforms,” says Dean. “The project deals with several sites with unique terrain, space and access needs. So wherever they go next, Lendlease and CPB are sure to look to us for solving their site access challenges.”

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