Stairway to Innovation: FRP (Form Reo Pour) Construction with AdjustaStairs

In the Southern Redland Bay region, Queensland, Silverstrand is making significant strides in constructing a state-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment Plant. This ambitious project, pivotal for the Southern Redland Bay Region’s future and the Logan River’s ecological health, required innovative and reliable solutions during the construction of the site’s concrete tanks.



SafeSmart Access’s team visited the construction site to understand the project’s unique challenges. During scoping, Josh Sanderson identified key aspects such as task requirements, crew preferences, and the current project timeline. Faced with the need for multiple access points into a Form Reo Pour (FRP) structure of tank walls, Silverstrand sought a solution that was efficient, adaptable, safe, and fully compliant with existing standards.



AdjustaStairs presented the best solution for the site’s needs during the current pours and those to come. This decision was driven by a deep understanding of the project’s unique requirements and AdjustaStairs‘ extensive features. The adjustable design, compliant with AS/NZS 1576.1:2019 standards, facilitated quick and safe access to the sides of the formwork and into the tank cavity.

Product & Commercial Proposal

AdjustaStairs, were pivotal in achieving Silverstrand’s goal due to its unique blend of adaptability, safety, efficiency, and compliance—attributes that aligned perfectly with the project demands:

  1. Adaptability and Efficiency: AdjustaStairs’ adaptability minimised downtime by allowing rapid reconfiguration of access points as the project’s needs evolved, fostering both time and cost savings.
  2. Safety and Compliance: With robust safety features like handrails and anti-slip surfaces, AdjustaStairs significantly reduced accident risks, ensuring a safer working environment.
  3. Operational Benefits: The ease of deployment and reconfiguration of AdjustaStairs led to operational efficiencies, maintaining optimal work pace and facilitating the achievement of critical milestones.



The deployment of AdjustaStairs across the project site marked a significant milestone in the delivery phase of the Shoreline Wastewater Treatment project. Silverstrand reported substantial savings in downtime, attributing this success to the adjustability and easy installation of Adjustastairs, which facilitated seamless access to various construction zones.

By simply fixing the top stair to the formwork timber platform, the stair could be lowered by crane into the cavity, and secured to scaffolding decks for a comfortable angle of egress. The alternatives would require significant and cumbersome scaffolding structures requiring both ticketed personnel and frequent safety audits.


Through-Life Support

As the Southern Redland Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant progresses through its various construction phases, the dynamic nature of the site requires solutions that are not only adaptive but also durable. AdjustaStairs land into this niche perfectly, offering a blend of robust construction and flexibility that is essential for evolving project landscapes.

While AdjustaStairs are designed for minimal maintenance, recognising that unexpected incidents can occur is important. In the event of such incidents, responsive support and easy-to-implement maintenance solutions ensure that any potential downtime is kept to an absolute minimum with parts kept on hand by SafeSmart.



The integration of AdjustaStairs into the Southern Redland Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant construction project has yielded significant positive outcomes. As of May 2024, tank construction is nearing completion on schedule, in part to the foresight and adoption of Adjustastairs by Silverstrand. As the project progresses into 2024 and beyond, AdjustaStairs will continue to demonstrate its durability and adaptability for the site.

Beyond the immediate benefits of improved access points, AdjustaStairs offer solutions to ensure seamless transitions between different construction phases, including batter access and excavation and void access.

Talk to our temporary works team for full detail on how AdjustaStairs can solve your challenging site access issues.

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