SafeSmart Access Supporting LendLease at Victoria Cross

Innovative Access Solutions Propel North Sydney Metro Project to New Heights.

Diving deep beneath the surface, the North Sydney Metro Station emerges from 10 floors below to seamlessly integrate into the bustling streets of Denison and Miller.

This architectural and engineering marvel highlights the project’s commitment to innovative design and paramount safety solutions. Addressing complex access challenges, especially in navigating around the site was a pivotal aspect of the construction.

The collaboration between SafeSmart Access, Sydney Metro, and LendLease has set a new standard in construction safety and efficiency, making the daunting task of navigating the site and overcoming these challenges appear effortless. Discover the behind-the-scenes magic and the collaborative efforts that have elevated the North Sydney Metro Project to unprecedented heights.

Watch the full video to see how these partnerships have transformed urban infrastructure development through innovation and strategic planning.

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