For Safe Access to Curved Wall Structures and More

Tunnel Access Ladders

For Safe Access to Curved Wall Structures and More

Tunnel Access Ladders
  • Offers a very simple and secure method of access to ensure minimised risk.
  • Bridges the gap between workspaces and includes features that lock the ladder in position.
  • Enhances safety and maximises productivity during maintenance and service operations.
  • Designed for quick relocation by a single technician.
  • Provides immediate use with no setup time—just place in position.
  • Constructed with securing mechanisms like locating pins and service pipe hooks.
  • Available in customisable fabricated aluminium or modular steel Proscaf.
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SafeSmart’s Tunnel Access Ladders are crucial for addressing the needs of maintenance teams during shutdowns or for general servicing. These ladders can be quickly repositioned by a single technician, ensuring that no time is wasted when transitioning between different work areas. The design focuses on simplicity, from setup to actual use, with locating pins that reliably hold the ladder in place in ferrules in tunnel segments or using hooks that secure it over service pipes.

Safety and Efficiency

These Access Ladders are not only designed for ease of use but also solidly constructed to meet Australian safety standards. This guarantees that they provide safe and efficient access points that minimise harm and enhance productivity, especially in the demanding environments found in road and rail tunnels.

Usage Scenarios

  • Service Installation: The ladders are ideal for installing various services in tunnels, from electrical to plumbing.
  • Routine Maintenance: They allow maintenance personnel to gain easy access to all tunnel areas, even when space is limited or at different heights.
  • Emergency Response: In crisis situations, having stable and reliable access solutions can be lifesaving for quick and secure entry and exit.

SafeSmart’s Tunnel Access Ladders embody a commitment to safety, reliability, and functionality. They are indispensable for any work involving tunnel access and provide a level of safety assurance that is vital for both planned and unexpected maintenance tasks.

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