Modular Stepover Platforms

Modular Stepover Platforms

Modular Stepover Platforms

Modular Stepover Platforms
  • Highly customisable to meet specific site requirements
  • Robust build with high tensile aluminium frames and anti-slip decking ensures durability and safety
  • Quick assembly and disassembly for efficient use in tight locations
  • Complies with AS/NZS safety standards for confidence in use
  • Crafted from high-grade aluminium for strength and weather resistance
  • Tough rubber feet for stability can be used on ladders for semi-permanent setups
  • Varying configurations available with different step and platform elements
  • Options for different bridge lengths and step types, accommodating various access needs
  • All components are designed for easy transport and minimal setup time
  • 70-degree ladder range and 45-degree stairs range for comfortable and safe access
Custom Modular Stepover Platform
Talk to us for your requirements and we'll get back to you with a design.

Modular Stepover Platforms by SafeSmart Access are the epitome of innovative access solutions. They provide a high level of flexibility and durability to overcome any ground-based obstacles, access challenges, and trip hazards encountered on worksites. The integration of these modular elements into a custom setup, by SafeSmart’s in-house design and manufacturing teams, offers access solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.

Safety and Efficiency

Safety comes first with every Modular Stepover Platform, evident in the careful design that includes ridged stair treads for grip in all conditions and standard bolt-down feet for additional stability . This places workers’ well-being at the forefront while promoting operational efficiency. Moreover, structures built using these platforms comply with AS/NZS 1576:2010, ensuring adherence to rigorous safety standards .

Usage Scenarios

  • Construction Sites: They provide stable access over pipework, reinforcing and concrete beams, and other site obstacles.
  • Utility Works: Ideal for works around delicate machinery or pipelines where safe overpass is required.
  • Temporary Access: Essential for gaining access to site offices or bridging gaps in temporary structures.

SafeSmart’s Modular Stepover Platforms are undeniably transformative for workplace safety. They offer the perfect combination of efficiency, safety, and adaptability for a wide array of industries, simplifying complex access challenges .

Build Your Own

Empower your operations with a fully customised access solution by building your own Modular Stepover Platform. Go to our component page here.

Utilise SafeSmart Access’s diverse range of components, including base frames, steps, handrails, and platform decks, to construct an access system that precisely meets the spatial and functional requirements of your worksite. Our components are designed for seamless integration, enabling you to configure a bespoke setup that tackles specific obstacles or layout constraints effectively.

Each component is engineered for easy assembly and robust performance, ensuring that your custom-built platform not only meets safety standards but also enhances operational efficiency. With the flexibility to adapt as your needs evolve, our Build Your Own system allows you to reconfigure or expand your setup as necessary, providing a long-term solution to your access challenges.

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