AdjustaStairs Step Extension

AdjustaStairs Step Extension

  • Increases height of existing stair platforms
  • Add 600mm of height to single or double width AdjustaStairs
  • Suits applications requiring 3 - 18 steps
  • Anti-slip stair treads for increased safety
  • Fully welded frame for enhanced durability
  • Can be used as an independent stair
SKU: 210276
775mm Landing to suit 1200mmW
  • Step Extension for AdjustaStairs Double Width
  • Width: 1200mmW
  • Height: 600mmH
  • SKU: 210275
    775mm Landing to suit 600mmW
  • Step Extension for AdjustaStairs
  • Width: 600mmW
  • Height: 600mmH
  • SKU: 210277
    Handrail Kit for Landings
  • Retro-fit Handrail Kit
  • Suits both 1200mmW and 600mmW variants
  • In numerous industries, there is a need for accessing variable heights securely, especially when it comes to maintenance, construction, and warehouse operations. These activities may involve risks associated with working at heights and require solutions that can adapt to different conditions while providing stable access for personnel carrying tools and equipment.

    The Step Extension for AdjustaStairs is crafted as a solution to these challenges. It provides an additional 600mm height to the AdjustaStairs and suits a range of applications with requirements from 3 up to 18 steps. The extension enables the AdjustaStairs to adjust to the exact operational height needed, making tasks easier and more efficient for workers.

    Additionally, the fully welded frame construction ensures long-lasting durability, and the anti-slip treads augment safety. This extension can also function as a standalone stairway, furthering its versatility and utility across tasks and various industries.

    Usage Scenarios

    • Maintenance Access: Perfect for reaching awkward heights during equipment or building maintenance.
    • Construction Sites: Allows workers to safely ascend to various levels with tools and materials.
    • Warehouse Operations: Provides adjustable, safe access to high shelves and racking systems.

    The Step Extension for AdjustaStairs by SafeSmart Access is a prime example of a product that effectively solves a common problem in industries dealing with working at heights, emphasizing safety, versatility, and compliance. Contact SafeSmart Access for professional advice on how to implement this extension into your access procedures, ensuring the highest standards of workplace safety and efficiency are met.

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