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Modular Stepover Platforms

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Modular Stepover Platforms

For all ground-based obstacles and trip hazards—from pipelines to machinery—and access to site offices and other temporary structures, Modular Stepover Platforms bring added efficiency and safety to the work area. For most applications, SafeSmart’s modular elements go together to create a large choice of step and platform configurations, for use in construction, oil and gas, utilities and more.

SafeSmart can also incorporate these elements into a more customised system to suit your access needs perfectly, via our own in-house design and manufacture teams.

All stepovers and separate components—base plates, vertical and 70° ladders and platforms—are made from high-grade aluminium for strength and weather resistance. And tough rubber feet can be used on ladders for less-permanent situations.

Enquire about the system as a whole by enquiring from this page, or see or select individual stepover parts here.

Modular Stepover Platforms

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