How did SafeSmart Access provide edge protection while also increasing efficiency on site at Rozelle Interchange?

The Rozelle Interchange, in the centre of Sydney, will provide communities and commuters with unprecedented access in and around the city. Key elements of the underground interchange are the ventilation systems required to cycle air in and out of the tunnels.

The installation of the ventilation shafts involves large pits from the surface to be excavated down to the tunnels, often in limited work areas between existing roads. During this time the vent shaft penetration will have high pedestrian and vehicle traffic to deliver materials but also to provide labour on the core piece of infrastructure.

An edge protection solution was needed to:

  • – Protect the vent shaft edge for their personnel’s safety.
  • – Limit the risk of falling objects with a barrier greater than 1 meter in height.
  • – Increase site mobility.
  • – Install without the use of costly scaffold and scaffolding crews.

Working with safety and engineering teams on the WestConnex 3B project, SafeSmart Access was able to provide two products that were chiefly developed to overcome these issues on site. The robust safety fence system, AdaptaPanel and the modular bridging system, AdaptaSpan.

How We Did It

As a temporary works edge protection system, AdaptaPanel was installed at a height of 2 meters around the shaft, providing head height protection from falls and object falls. 65x65mm box section posts were anchored around the edge to meet AS4994.1:2009 for complete compliance on site.

Near to the freeway side, the AdaptaSpan bridge system was pre-assembled and craned into position to create a walkway over vent shaft penetration. The temporary bridge is of lightweight construction reducing the load on capping breams, while achieving a massive 2.5kPa load limit rating. The modular bridge consisted of 3 metre and 1 metre modules that can easily be demobilised and reconfigured for use elsewhere on site over similar obstacles.

The temporary works systems were achieved without the use of scaffold and scaffolding crews on site. Safety personnel and Temporary works engineers on site were satisfied that the safety provided by AdaptaPanel & AdaptaSpan was not only compliant but also provided a robust solution for their site needs. Fall protection was provided around the shaft penetration, while also enabling safe and efficient access over the void for increased mobility.

SafeSmart Access’ ability to work with the WestConnex team has helped many workers on this project gain access, without compromising safety or efficiency on site. 

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