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More About Careers at Safesmart

Property Maintenance Platforms for Programmed

This is the story of how SafeSmart Access fulfilled the property maintenance access needs for Programmed Maintenance Services, using off-the-shelf equipment to tackle the nitty-gritty challenges of facility maintenance. Plus, a bonus section on why using a platform ladder is better for you. Working with Programmed Maintenance Services Old Tools, New Tricks The narrative isn’t one of cutting-edge tech or bespoke innovations that took years to perfect. Nope. It’s about Mini Mobiles and Platform Ladders—our everyday, solid performing maintenance gear that you’re familiar with. But under the strategic deployment by SafeSmart Access, these tools are the quiet champions for the maintenance crews at Programmed Maintenance Services, proving that sometimes, the best tool for the job is the one you’re familiar with. In building maintenance, the real issue is reaching or squeezing into those awkward spaces without turning, straining or taking a spill over the edge. Enter the Mini Mobiles—mobile scaffolding platforms that make navigating tight areas or staircases a breeze. And then there’s the Platform Ladders—sturdy, reliable, and just the right amount of elevation to keep you from a freefall while working away, fully surrounded. Training: The Secret Ingredient in the Maintenance Cocktail But what good is a sleek new Mini Mobile if you don’t know the ins and outs of its operation? SafeSmart Access knows the drill—literally. Their training sessions turned novice handlers into savvy operators, armed not just with tools but with know-how. They covered the gamut from setup to safety, turning potential chaos into choreographed ballets of maintenance prowess. And where crews encounter a problem, they can always reach out to the SafeSmart team for advice or components to extend their platform’s capabilities. Not only do Mini Mobiles come with a wide range of add-ons like an additional level, adjustable height castors (great for stairs), or toe

Stairway to Innovation: FRP (Form Reo Pour) Construction with AdjustaStairs

In the Southern Redland Bay region, Queensland, Silverstrand is making significant strides in constructing a state-of-the-art Wastewater Treatment Plant. This ambitious project, pivotal for the Southern Redland Bay Region’s future and the Logan River’s ecological health, required innovative and reliable solutions during the construction of the site’s concrete tanks.   Scoping SafeSmart Access’s team visited the construction site to understand the project’s unique challenges. During scoping, Josh Sanderson identified key aspects such as task requirements, crew preferences, and the current project timeline. Faced with the need for multiple access points into a Form Reo Pour (FRP) structure of tank walls, Silverstrand sought a solution that was efficient, adaptable, safe, and fully compliant with existing standards.   Solution AdjustaStairs presented the best solution for the site’s needs during the current pours and those to come. This decision was driven by a deep understanding of the project’s unique requirements and AdjustaStairs‘ extensive features. The adjustable design, compliant with AS/NZS 1576.1:2019 standards, facilitated quick and safe access to the sides of the formwork and into the tank cavity. Product & Commercial Proposal AdjustaStairs, were pivotal in achieving Silverstrand’s goal due to its unique blend of adaptability, safety, efficiency, and compliance—attributes that aligned perfectly with the project demands: Adaptability and Efficiency: AdjustaStairs’ adaptability minimised downtime by allowing rapid reconfiguration of access points as the project’s needs evolved, fostering both time and cost savings. Safety and Compliance: With robust safety features like handrails and anti-slip surfaces, AdjustaStairs significantly reduced accident risks, ensuring a safer working environment. Operational Benefits: The ease of deployment and reconfiguration of AdjustaStairs led to operational efficiencies, maintaining optimal work pace and facilitating the achievement of critical milestones.   Delivery The deployment of AdjustaStairs across the project site marked a significant milestone in the delivery phase of the Shoreline Wastewater Treatment project.

SafeSmart Access Roof Platforms Enhance Tram Manufacturing at Dandenong

As part of Alstom Transport Australia’s strategic initiatives to enhance tram manufacturing efficiency and safety at Dandenong, the Car Body Fabrication Gantry delivered by SafeSmart Access plays a crucial role in facilitating easy access to critical areas of tram production. In securing a ground-breaking €700 million contract with the Department of Transport Victoria, Alstom Transport Australia has solidified its position in the rail manufacturing sector. The agreement includes the production of 100 Flexity low-floor Next Generation Trams (NGTs) for Melbourne, with deliveries starting in 2025. This contract is historic because of its scale as the largest light rail contract in Australia and its emphasis on local content and manufacturing. Alstom has committed to producing 65% of the trams locally, with 85% of the maintenance tasks handled within Victoria. Such commitments highlight the company’s dedication to boosting local economies and creating robust job opportunities. The Car Body Fabrication Gantry delivered by SafeSmart Access is critical to manufacturing and future vehicle inspections. Engineered for accessing and supporting the Tram Car Body walls while welding, this versatile platform is designed for safe, efficient, and compliant access. Its application is critical in ensuring that the manufacturing processes align with the stringent safety and operational standards outlined by AS 1657:2018. The innovative design and functionality of gantry stand out for its compliance and adaptability. Manufactured from a combination of steel and aluminium, it captures the advantages of both materials, including strength, durability, and improved handling. With dimensions spanning 20 meters in length, 1 meter in width, and 2.4 meters in height, the platform is engineered to meet the specific requirements of Alstom’s tram production. Using the Car Body Fabrication Gantry delivered by SafeSmart Access is pivotal in constructing the Flexity Next Generation Trams. Crews are utilising these platforms to safely and efficiently access the upper