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From the Correct Solution to Platform and Ladder Safety

Advice from SafeSmart Access

Choosing the most suitable product for your application can easily be achieved with the help of our friendly and knowledgeable team. We can offer advice on how to correctly choose the best platform ladders, portable stairs, steel scaffolding, mobile work platforms and other high quality products. Please contact our team for more advice.

Our products are safer than those of our competitors because we do not compromise on quality of material or design. Our premium range of aluminium scaffolding and steel scaffolding systems are the strongest in their class and our mobile work platforms are simply more practical. And for work platform and ladder safety, SafeSmart are the global leaders, with products that not only comply, but also exceed regulations for OH&S. At SafeSmart Access, compliance isn't the benchmark – we exceed these regulations wherever possible.

Scaffolding Height

When purchasing aluminium scaffolding or steel scaffolding systems for your job, height requirements play an important role in what product you should choose. In order to help customers easily determine what height of scaffold they need, we have created this diagram.

Portable Stairs

How does the portable stairs system work? Click the video link or view below for a comprehensive explanation of how our adjustable access stairs can provide you with safe height access and greater productivity.

Ladder Safety Advice

It is tempting to only use domestic-type ladders for some smaller professional jobs. But there are factors that can affect the efficiency of your projects, as well as safety. Take electricians, for example – how many tradies do you think take a big risk and use metal ladders? It's not hard to realise why this is extremely dangerous – it's a sure-fire way of conducting any current to the ground via the worker's body. That's why SafeSmart Access provide a range of non-conductive fibreglass ladders to help save lives of sparkies all around the world.

Another aspect of ladder safety is stability. Standard ladders can tip quite easily, especially of the majority of the weight is beared at the top. Again, SafeSmart have the answer: either the New Zealand-made Warthog range or the Australian-made Branach platform steps, which feature high-quality welded step joins and splayed legs for balance.

Your Best Solution

For more information on our products, policies and standards for excellence, visit our FAQ page here or get in touch with us directly. Our knowledgeable staff can offer advice on all of our products and their applications to help you find the best solution to your access requirements.