SYS – AdjustaStairs – Temporary Stairs for More Safety and Efficiency

Simplify Your Site 02 – AdjustaStairs

Around Australia, workers on site are using makeshift ways of gaining access to excavations, pits, deep trenches and more. This is endangering lives every day. From a wobbly standard ladder to self-made timber rung systems, personnel need a better way. And compliance is at the centre of this.

So, how do you provide stable, rugged, compliant and weather-resistant stair access to worksites? The answer is with SafeSmart’s AdjustaStairs system. Read on:

SafeSmart’s AdjustaStairs temporary stairs give you fast and safe height access that is as effective as permanently-installed stairs. They are quickly and easily deployed by one or two people, and can accommodate a range of pitch angles, thanks to self-levelling stair treads. And for easy removal and redeployment to another location, AdjustaStairs’ collapsible handrails provide compact portability.

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