SYS – AdjustaStairs

Simplify Your Site 04 – One Set of AdjustaStairs, Three Uses, One Project.

Temporary height access on a multi-level project can be dictated by very dynamic changes in the environment. Avoiding the use of insufficient ladders and the like requires a solution that not only provides easy portability but also performance similar to that of a more permanent stair system.

From excavated batter access to basement access to multi-storey access, differing heights can result in different pitch angles for a ladder or standard wooden stair set. There is, however, a better way.

With SafeSmart’s AdjustaStairs, you have safe and efficient stair access at all stages of the build. To reach a greater height, the unit is of course tilted upwards, and a shallower height, downwards; AdjustaStairs’ self-levelling treads stay flat and level underfoot at all angles. And between levels, AdjustaStairs eliminate the need for the building of scaffold towers.

Collapsible portable steps with handrails provide easy balance for the user, and can provide a free hand for carrying tools, something that when done on a ladder is very dangerous and not recommended by safety authorities.

AdjustaStairs: putting #LaddersLast where stairs are the real answer.

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