AdaptaSpan Saves Probuild Time & Man-hours on MLC Centre Project

Refurbishment works can be unpredictable, but not just for workers. Public traffic, site deliveries, and other co-ordination efforts are all affected, so it is crucial to be able to provide the right equipment that operates safely and efficiently, every time. That’s where unique access solutions like AdaptaSpan can save the bottom line.

Recently, refurbishment efforts at the MLC Centre were headed by Probuild with 10 levels of works to be undertaken on facades and other architectural elements. The MLC Centre is a high-value retail project that is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. It was designed by Harry Seidler and completed in 1977.

The scope of work required the relocation of height access equipment constantly on site. Faced with little options, typically solutions included vertical scaffolding or bridging scaffolding were considered.

A big issue with scaffold on construction sites is that it can require monthly sign-offs and can be very costly to install then reposition. Often causing down-time and traffic issues, leading to delays and adding unnecessary costs to the job. That’s with a flawless scaffold installation, let alone incorrect structure installation and failed sign-off.

A solution was needed fast. Crews needed access to the roof of an architectural element with little time to erect and certify scaffolding. Probuild looked to the experts in height access equipment, SafeSmart Access, for the answer.

AdaptaSpan – Modular Bridging System

SafeSmart Access has worked with countless transport, industrial, and construction firms over the years to deliver off-the-shelf solutions PLUS custom solutions for unique access issues. Encountering scaffold issues like that of Probuild’s site is quite common, that’s why we developed AdaptaSpan.

AdaptaSpan, our modular bridging system, can be preassembled off site and easily installed without the need to build scaffolding. Wherever there is a large void, AdaptaSpan can be modified to meet the job at hand and ready for reuse wherever needed.

For the MLC Centre refurbishment, this meant preassembling the modular bridge off-site, same-day delivery by our delivery team, and installation at night with the use of a crane and experienced dogmen. The bridging system came in four 3m modules, only weighing 500kg but being able to support up to 2.5kPA SWL, to bridge the 12 metre span.

In a matter of hours, Probuild were able to order, install, and commence works, all the while limiting downtime, disruption to traffic, and monthly sign-offs. Time to install the bridge was considerably shorter than with traditional scaffolding solutions, and on-site man hours were also reduced by the bridge. Better yet, Probuild were able to hit the roof running now having easy worker access via AdaptaSpan.

This unique site issue could not be fulfilled by scaffold, but with our experience in construction, the AdaptaSpan system was already developed to overcome this challenge. AdaptaSpan provided not only an easy and reusable bridge access solution, but also increased safety for workers and site efficacy by limiting the use of scaffolding. Additionally, the system incorporates a guardrail roof, ensuring maximum protection and stability for workers operating at heights.

With years of height access experience SafeSmart Access has developed a range of innovative height access products. Through our relationships with our clients we understand their needs and develop products that work within their environment. Which is why SafeSmart Access has become the market leader in height access equipment.

AdaptaSpan is just one of our great products that was developed through understanding our client needs. Have a chat with us so we can understand your unique needs and access problem. We’ll be sure to be able to match you with the right solution or create one for you!

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