Hushbox Phone Booth

SKU: 330010

Hushbox Phone Booth

SKU: 330010
Hushbox Phone Booth offers a safe haven for communication and document storage, providing a peaceful enclave in the bustling construction environment.
  • Dimensions: 750mm (H) x 750mm (W) x 750mm (D)
  • Easy to install on temporary fencing, site hoarding, and scaffolding
  • Can be used for emergency calls and as a document station
  • Lightweight and easily relocatable for practical site management
  • Personalisable with company branding, reflective strips, and fluorescent colours

The Hushbox Phone Booth is a versatile and innovative solution designed to mitigate the most pressing issues on construction sites: noise pollution. Its compact and cube-like design, the Hushbox provides a tranquillity zone for site personnel, fostering safe and effective communication.

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Offering a haven from the cacophony of construction activities, the Hushbox is a lifesaver in emergencies when making clear calls is paramount. The noise reduction capability ensures that background distractions do not interfere with important safety communications. The Hushbox’s portability and easy installation make it a flexible addition to any site, allowing for swift relocation as the project progresses or needs change.

The possibility of branding the Hushbox also serves as an added opportunity for companies to bolster their on-site presence and commitment to safety. With options for reflective strips and bright colours, the Hushbox stands out, reinforcing its role as an essential safety feature.

Usage Scenarios

Hushbox stations on construction sites alongside heavy machinery and demolition activities

  • Emergency call points within reach during critical situations
  • A centralised place for storage and review of site documents and safety consumables
  • Strategically located booths for site workers to conduct phone calls with reduced background noise.

The Hushbox Phone Booth is not just a product; it’s a commitment to the safety and well-being of construction personnel. Its practical utility is matched by its contribution to a safer work environment, ensuring that uninterrupted communication and access to essential information are always within arm’s reach. Opt for Hushbox for an innovative solution to on-site noise challenges.

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