Rail Carriage Door Guard During Construction and Maintenance

DoorGuard – Rolling Stock

Rail Carriage Door Guard During Construction and Maintenance

DoorGuard – Rolling Stock
  • Heavy Duty structure to meet loadings in standard.
  • Quick release upper frame for easy removal and replacement.
  • Crane lifting point to assist with install and relocation.
  • Foam buffering to protect train car body from damage.
  • Options for 2 and 3 rails high depending on application.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Profiled design to match train car body shape and remove unsafe gaps.
Train Access Platform
DoorGuard for Rolling Stock

Rail Carriage Door Guard System is a testament to SafeSmart Access’s commitment to enhancing safety and efficiency in railway maintenance operations. Designed with heavy-duty capabilities to withstand the load requirements of rigorous industrial settings, the system is tailored to integrate seamlessly with the unique contours of train car bodies, maximising protection and reducing risks associated with working near edges.

Quick-release features in the upper frame expedite the removal and replacement process, minimising downtime and bolstering work rate efficiency. This innovative aspect of the carriage door edge caters to fast-paced work environments where speed and efficiency are as critical as the tasks themselves.

With foam buffering to shield the train car body, the Rail Carriage Door Guard ensures that while protecting workers, the trains too remain unscathed, preserving valuable assets against any potential damage during maintenance.

Lightweight in design yet steadfast in resilience, this system is adaptable, offering two or three rail height options to cater to different application requirements. The unique profile design of the Rail Carriage Door Guard not only ensures a snug fit to match train car body shapes but also serves to close any dangerous gaps that might compromise safety.

Safety and Efficiency

The Rail Carriage Door Guard System is ideally conceived for the demanding environment of railway maintenance, offering sturdy edge protection that allows workers to concentrate on their tasks without the underlying concern for edge-related accidents. Foam buffering and the profiled fit of the system further contribute to a work environment that prioritises both personnel and equipment safety.

Usage Scenarios

  • Train Door Maintenance: Provides a secure boundary to protect technicians during door servicing operations.
  • Wide Application Range: The system’s customisable nature makes it apt for a variety of train models, supporting diverse maintenance strategies.
  • Repositioning Flexibility: Being lightweight and crane-liftable, it can be easily moved within a depot or from one site to another.
  • Enhanced Workshop Safety: When integrated into regular maintenance routines, it creates a safer workshop environment, reducing workplace accidents.

Poised to revolutionise safety protocols in the railway industry, the Rail Carriage Door Guard System from SafeSmart Access is a pivotal addition to any maintenance team’s toolkit. The system’s thoughtful design and dependable strength safeguard workers, ensuring the uninterrupted progress of train maintenance and upholding the highest safety standards

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