A-Frame Aviation Platform

A-Frame Aviation Platform

A-Frame Aviation Platform

A-Frame Aviation Platform
  • Ideal for working under the fuselage of an aircraft with collapsible handrail feature 4
  • 450mmx450mm platform area
  • Complete with wheels, handles and rubber buffers
  • Handrail set for added peace of mind and compliance in use (when there are no overhead obstructions)
  • The addition of Heavy Duty Handrail Set, including toeboard (Code 210286) completes the unit
SKU: 210283
A-Frame Aviation Platform - 3 Step
3 Step 850mmH
SKU: 210284
A-Frame Aviation Platform - 5 Step
5 Step 1400mmH
SKU: 210285
A-Frame Aviation Platform - 7 Step
7 Step 2000mmH
SKU: 210286
Guardrail and Gate Set
Heavy Duty Handrail set including Toeboard

The A-Frame Aviation Platform by SafeSmart Access is an innovative access solution designed with the unique requirements of aircraft maintenance in mind. The platform features a substantial 450mmx450mm work area, providing plenty of space for technicians and their tools at elevated heights. The loop guardrail design ensures fully enclosed access to the aircraft, enhancing safety throughout the maintenance procedures.

Flexibility is built into the platform, with options for either fixed height or height-adjustable setups to accommodate a wide range of aircraft, from small private planes to larger commercial jets. Whether for routine checks or extensive repairs, the A-Frame Aviation Platform provides a secure environment for staff to work efficiently and safely.

Access all areas of the underside of the aircraft at various heights. Get high enough to safely stand inside recesses, wheel wells and more, or use the sliding guardrail and gate set for fall protection when working on the outside of the fuselage.

Maneuver around the ramp easily with high-grade side-mounted castors and robust yet lightweight aluminium construction. The handrail allows a worker to safely stand on the top step of the ladder (something they are not supposed to do without a rail).

Safety and Efficiency

The A-Frame Platform prioritises worker safety with its enclosed loop guardrail and latching exit gate, following AS1657:2018 standards. These features prevent falls, highlighting SafeSmart’s commitment to exceeding industry safety benchmarks.

Usage Scenarios

  • Commercial Airlines: Streamlining maintenance checks for a variety of commercial aircraft, ensuring each plane meets rigorous safety standards.
  • Private Aviation: Adapting for use on private jets, providing safe access for thorough inspections and detailed maintenance work.
  • Defence Sector: Suitable for military aircraft upkeep, offering specialised access to sophisticated and varied models of defence aircraft.

For aviation professionals requiring reliable and safe access for aircraft maintenance, the A-Frame Aviation Platform stands out as a staple in the arsenal of aviation maintenance equipment. Its robust construction and safety-centered design are invaluable for maintaining the highest standards of aircraft functionality and security.

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