Getting Hands-On Experience with SafeSmart Products at Productivity Bootcamp

SafeSmart Access recently participated in the Productivity Bootcamp event organized by Paul Breen, the Founder of Productivity Group. The event took place from 15th to 17th March 2023 and aimed to provide graduates with hands-on experience and a deeper understanding of various trades and products within the construction industry.

As a Temporary Access Scaffold, Stairs, Edge Protection, and Work Platforms specialist, the SafeSmart Access team was invited to showcase their expertise and contribute to the event. The company supplied several solutions, including Mobile Scaffolds and Truck Edge Protection Handrails, which required assembly and a strategy to ensure safe installation. The goal of the event was to foster teamwork, communication, and leadership among the engineers to complete the installation safely and on time.

SafeSmart Access played an essential role in the event by providing expert guidance and assistance to the participants. The company’s specialists shared their knowledge and experience with the graduates, providing them with valuable insights into height safety in the construction industry.

Connecting The Dots: Helping Young Engineers

While university courses provide a solid foundation, they may not cover all the necessary skills required in the industry. Productivity Bootcamp offers companies an effective approach to linking vital safety concerns with the practical experiences of tradespeople on the job site.

SafeSmart Access products are well-documented and are designed to be easy to use for anyone in the industry. Through such events, young engineers can gain hands-on experience with SafeSmart products, what is needed to operate a safe job site, and understand how to use what solutions and where to use them effectively.

During the event, SafeSmart Access collaborated with Conquip, a division of SafeSmart that supports the construction industry with materials handling equipment, crane attachments, and trench shoring. Conquip showcased their column kibbles, which were used during the concrete pour, demonstrating their expertise in materials handling. They also engaged with the graduates, discussing methodologies and providing valuable insights into their innovative solutions.

By investing in educating and training young engineers on height safety and related products, we can help ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to identify potential hazards and mitigate risks. This will help prevent accidents and injuries, reduce costs, and meet project timelines.

Training by SafeSmart

As well as participating in training days like Productivity Bootcamp, SafeSmart Access also offers on-site training and demonstrations. Our on-site demonstrations and training sessions provide detailed knowledge about how our products work and instructions on correctly assembling and using them.

If you are interested in investing in educating and training young engineers on height safety and related products, contact us today. If you’re interested in when the next Productivity Bootcamp is happening, visit their website here.

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