EasyDeck: Alternative To Trestle & Planks in Construction

Modular construction has been gaining in popularity in recent years, and there’s a good reason why. This type of construction is efficient, fast, and economical, benefitting both the home builder and the homeowner. For Asset Cabins & Homes, modular construction has been their bread and butter for  17 years. Their busy factory and team of professional carpenters, plumbers and electricians construct hundreds of homes, cabins, and accommodation dwellings each and every year.

With a tight turnaround, the team needed to quickly and efficiently set up height access structures that were safe to meet project and delivery deadlines. Karl Joyce, Production Manager at Asset Cabins & Homes, reached out to SafeSmart Access for a consultation and solution options.

We had a unique problem to address in that we needed an edge protection system for our modular housing factory that was fast to set up, compliant, did not use a lot of space and was fast to uninstall.

The existing system we had typically took 2 men a good 4 hours to install and another 4 hours to dismantle, which was more time that it takes to put the roof itself on! The result, wasted time, it often didn’t get set up at all and was generally just a massive inconvenience – safety wasn’t supposed to be hard!

We explored various options and settled on the EasyDeck System from SafeSmart. The Team at SafeSmart were very helpful in helping guide us through various options and configurations and the time and investment has proven well worth it.

EasyDeck is SafeSmart’s single-level edge protection solution perfect for minor construction works, including painting, cladding, and fixing. Where other solutions like trestles and planks are high-risk and dangerous without guard rails or stable footing, EasyDeck is a modular, low-profile system that is quick and easy to set up. Some of the features and benefits of the EasyDeck system include:

  • – Made from high strength, lightweight welded aluminium.
  • – Protects from roof falls while working on the soffit and wall of the building.
  • – Free-standing system – does not require any fixing.
  • – Fast, two-person setup.
  • – Easily modified with the EasyRail edge protection system,  platforms and cantilever support brackets.
  • – Height adjustable screw jacks allow for uneven ground
  • – Platform height is adjustable.
  • – Available with wheels for portability.

EasyDeck transformed how the Asset Cabins & Homes team approached height access. Karl Joyce remarked,

It now takes us 15 minutes to set a whole house up for roofing and 15 minutes to remove it at the end, saving us dollars and ensuring compliance.

Further, the roofers love it as they have platforms they can now work off and our carpenters have stollen a few modules and lowered the decks to help them with their cladding! Bottom line is, we saved time, money, increased our compliance on edge protection to 100% and got some unintended advantages from the EasyDeck system!

And that’s the SafeSmart Difference. Our approach is to work with clients to offer the right height access solution that is efficient, safe and easy to use for their unique challenges. For Asset Cabins & Homes, that meant increasing efficiency without comprising safety all in one modular, robust package, and we delivered EasyDeck to meet all requirements.

If you’re looking for a safe, easy, and efficient way to access heights but don’t know where to turn. Turn to SafeSmart Access to reach new heights.

Get in touch with us on 02 8844 4500 or visit our website for our diverse range of height access solutions.

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