Conquip BulkX Comes to Australian Construction

Conquip Engineering Group are a UK-based construction consultancy and project efficiency company. They offer a diverse range of services—from bulk excavation to engineering, logistics consultancy to environmentally-conscious construction practices—and are bringing their flagship solution to Australia via SafeSmart Access – the BulkX System.

SafeSmart Access director, Greg Hales has made the following statement about this exciting partnership:

The purpose of SafeSmart Access is to bring a higher level of safety and efficiency to sites across all industries. These are the very same values that Conquip hold, so it is only natural that both companies align in a complimentary way to further embellish our offering to the Australian construction and civil works industries.

We are starting our rollout of Conquip products and services with the BulkX System. Where SafeSmart Access’ products protect workers who work at height from falls, and provide easy access for efficient work, Conquip’s BulkX ensures efficient and safe muck away, while reducing dust and noise pollution. The system also reduces machinery required on site, waiting time on site, the number of lorries needed for muck away cycles, prevents overspill of wastage on local roads and allows for efficient waste removal from tight or restricted sites.

This new joint venture, Conquip Australia, has people, quality and innovation at its core.

Here’s how BulkX works:

1. Waste material is loaded into the BulkX skip using an excavator. This takes place at the location of waste removal of excavation.
2. The loaded BulkX skip is then crane lifted across site to the location of the discharge gantry.
3. The skip interlocks with the gantry and is safe to discharge.
4. As the crane is lowered the doors release automatically, at a controlled speed from the crane, discharging directly into the back of the truck.

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