Coming Soon – Fold Flat Portable Stairs

Coming Soon - Fold Flat Portable Stairs

MAY 21, 2014

NOTE: since the publication of this article in 2014, this product has become our iconic AdjustaStairs portable stairs, recognisable by the red rails on worksites across the world. Click: AdjustaStairs to explore. And follow the #redrail hashtag on Instagram and LinkedIn to see where this sytem is being used in all industry applications. Just search for ‘SafeSmart Access’ on both platforms.

Months of development and testing are almost at an end with the impending release of our new portable stair design. As well as the famous adjustable height and self-levelling capability, this new model will have the ability to fold completely flat.

SafeSmart expect this design to be most useful on civil sites, where the stairs have been traditionally been used for batter access; they will now be suitable for safe site access across trenches and voids, adding another dimension to the versatile stairs. These will be a site essential – stay tuned for their release*.

*Now available from our Australian branch as well as from our US, Canadian, NZ and UK branches.

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