CBH Group Experience No (Fall) Pain with Grain

CBH Group, a grower-owned co-operative based in Western Australia, cover many aspects of operations such as grain storage and handling, marketer support, transport, shipping and processing.

At a storage facility just outside Geraldton, workers often need to access the inside of the bulkhead walls that contain the grain. Identifying safety issues with climbing, CBH looked for a better way that would alleviate fall hazards and make the process quicker.

The solution needed to be mobile so it could be easily repositioned by hand by one person as the holding area filled with grain.

CBH contacted Australian portable height access supplier SafeSmart Access to discuss the challenges.

Already a ranged product, SafeSmart’s Modular Stepover system was identified as the closest product to suit the application. As a point of difference, however, SafeSmart also provides kits for embellishing and enhancing the functionality of standard systems. And in this instance, SafeSmart’s own castor kit was added to the design.

The 100mm castors added to this system also feature easy to press foot locks for securing the stairs into place.

The result was a 100% reduction in staff clambering over the wall and an increase in efficiency on site. And the system is compliant with AS1657.

Once the product had proven its worth in Geraldton, CBH placed several more orders for this customised system for other depot locations.

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