Bridge Work Access: Two Weeks Of Downtime Saved With AdjustaStairs!

For bridge falsework and temporary access solutions, scaffolding and scaffold towers are the typical go to when egress is required from the upper bridge level to the lower falsework area. Though it can come at a cost. It’s time consuming to setup from a logistical and labour standpoint, erection can be messy, and non-compliance or incorrect implementation can further hold up progress when fast installations are a must.

Even once the scaffold is compliant and approved, work may only be undertaken for a few days until it’s needed to be packed down and moved to the next location. All-in-all, the process can end up costing up to 2 weeks of time on critical infrastructure projects. We, and our client, thought there had to be a better way.

Working with our clients tight turnaround time needed on site for the critical works between bridge and falsework, SafeSmart Access assessed the pain points on site. Needing a temporary works solution that was:

  • – Portable and lightweight.
  • – Easy to traverse with large steps and handrails.
  • – A non-scaffolding solution that can be easily varied in height.
  • – Compliant to local safety standards

We put forward AdjustaStairs, the go-to height access solution that’s compliant to AS1576 and eliminates the need to build scaffold. Simply bolting the top landing to the upper bridge level and using the lifting points to lower and attach the portable stairs to the falsework landing.

AdjustaStairs allows workers on site to carry tools and equipment with a massive 2.5kPa weight rating for absolute assurance it can handle the weight. Perfect for bridge works where metalwork or steel is often needed in falsework areas.

And there’s no need to adjust the level of the stairs. AdjustaStairs design allows for the stairs to always be level no matter the angle of incline. That includes the mid and top hand rails extending from top to bottom.

AdjustaStairs allowed our client to setup safe and efficient access for their bridge project in matter of minutes, instead of 2 weeks of arranging scaffolding works. The stair system is completely transportable, so after they’ve completed one section of the bridge, simply remove and relocate the stairs to the next section.

Safe, simple, fast, and efficient. AdjustaStairs are the smart solution to portable stair access whenever you need to get from one level to another.

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