Best in class dynamic and secure portable stair access solution.

Providing everyday reliable access in all environments, where traditional
solutions fail to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

aluminium portable adjustastairs

Safety and Efficiency

There is no substitute for safety. AdjustaStairs is a portable stair access solution with an adjustable angle between 32 – 48 degrees and complies with the AS 1657 safety standards. AdjustaStairs provide 3 points of contact for optimal safety, whilst providing the luxury of having a hand available to carry tools or equipment. Built with marine-grade aluminium for added structural integrity, Adjustastairs can support multiple personnel traversing at the same time, increasing efficiency on your work site with no compromises on worker safety. 




Building sites are constantly evolving at each stage of the construction pipeline. AdjustaStairs can be set up and constantly shifted adapting to the ever-changing environment in the construction space. 


DUring repairs

In factories or plants, a stoppage of machines could result in detrimental consequences. AdjustaStairs allows efficient and safe access for workers during repair or maintenance, avoiding the requirement of machine shutdowns. 

Fibreglass Stairs

for utilities

Utilities such as power more often than not are positioned in unsafe and inaccessible areas. AdjustaStairs combats uneven ground with a variety of accessories, providing you with unimpeded access.


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