Adjustable Access Stairs – for Excavation Access

UPDATE 2018: this product his since become a popular flagship product from the SafeSmart-branded range, now called ‘AdjustaStairs‘.

The SafeSmart Access Adjustable Aluminium Safety Stairs provide an ideal access option for trenches and excavations. Constructed from lightweight aluminium, they are very simple and quick to install.

This is especially important in areas where the excavation is constantly progressing, as it allows for easy, time-efficient relocation of the stairs. The marine grade aluminium is a high-tensile T6 class, so the stairs will not deteriorate over time and the inherent strength of the material means that they are not easily damaged.

Advantages over Scaffolding Stairs:

* Can be set up in around 10 minutes by any competent person/s: no scaffolder’s ticket required
* Easily relocatable: simply unbolt and move to next access point
* Small footprint: no scaffold set-up required
* Unlike scaffold, stairs will self-level to provide access at exactly the level of the excavation
* Aluminium: does not deteriorate over time like steel scaffold systems

Advantages over Straight Ladder Access:

* Much safer: Full stair angle of access rather than a ladder angle
* Users can walk up and down stairs forwards carrying tools and equipment, rather than backwards as on a ladder
* Ladders can be dangerous and difficult to tie off properly in an excavation

Case Study: Mainland Civil, Sydney, August 2015:

Mainland Civil contacted SafeSmart, interested in replacing the ladder access into their excavation on site with an adjustable stair. The workers on site did not feel safe or confident climbing down into the excavation with a series of ladders. This was mainly because they had to climb around the upper portion of the ladder to climb down into the pit, and there was a risk of slipping around the lip of the excavation. The ladder was also unstable against the lip of the excavation and the angle made it very difficult to bring any tools down into the pit.

SafeSmart set the stair up on site as a trial.

The feedback we had was that the workers were now able to access their work area in the excavation in a much safer manner, and the ease of access and carrying tools up and down the stair meant that this system was much more time efficient than using the ladders. They were also easily able to relocate the stair themselves as required.

Want to know more about our adjustable stairs? See AdjustaStairs portable stairs here.

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