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Instant Localised Edge Protection

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Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform

Combined with either an adjustable or fixed height platform, this hoop system provides instant localised edge protection when the platform is wheeled up to the obstacle. This eliminates the need for fall arrest harnesses and similar body-worn apparatus.

The hoop rail comes with a latching exit gate that prevents access to the work area when the platform is not in position. A large 1m x 1m work area on the platform provides stability underfoot, and a lightweight yet strong aluminium frame makes hand-maneouvrability easy for one person.

A lift-up gate on the step side of the platform prevents backward falls, and the perforated deck keeps the unit drained in wet conditions.

This product can be custom designed to suit your needs for a harness-free elevated work area.

Cantilevered Hoop Guardrail Platform

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