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Step Up to Tram Maintenance Safely

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Tram Maintenance and Refurbishment Platform

A Melbourne tram operator Yarra Trams, and a contractor Downer EDI, required better access to the side and top and edge protection for the roof of the A, B and Z Class trams during the life extension program works, which included a full interior strip-out and replacement, servicing or replacing air-conditioning units on the roof work on the pantograph. Here’s what SafeSmart’s custom shop designed and built, so workers could get the job done more safely and efficiently:

Side Roof Access Platform

• 6.4mL x 2.7mH x 1.0mW access platform.
• Platform base width 1.0m.
• Interchangeable LH and RH side guardrail frames allows the platform to be used on either side of the tram.
• Extra guardrail posts attach to the inside edge of the platform up to max. 4.1mH.
• Stairway access, 11 steps, 45 degree angle of slope, grip tread extrusion steps with fibreglass anti-skid nosings.
• Guardrail, midrail and toeboard frames to both sides of the platform with an access gate central on one side.
• Handrail and midrail on both sides of the stairway.
• Self-closing swing gate at both ends of the platform and casters set back allowing end-joining of two platforms.
• Foam rubber buffer to the all leading edges of the platforms.
• Mobile on 200mm swivel/braked plate casters with height adjustable base jacks.
• SWL 1000kg.

Side Roof Guard Rail

• Mobile edge protection frame on opposing side of the train; 6.4mL x 0.7mW x 4.1mH. This frame is supplied in two sections to facilitate freight.
• Foam rubber buffer to the all leading edges of the frames.
• Mobile on 200mm swivel/braked plate casters with height adjustable base jacks.

Cross-Roof Guard Rail System

• Telescopic clip-on guardrails 2.5mL - 3.5mL
• 45 Degree instead of 70 Degree angle of access.
• Self-closing gates.
• Box section aluminium used in manufacture instead of C-channel or I-channel.
• Full design drawings completed for customer to sign-off before manufacture.
• Large 200mm swivel/lock castors as opposed to smaller castors which make it difficult to roll across tracks.
• Telescopic grasper rails allow use on multiple different tram types, saving money.

Tram Maintenance and Refurbishment Platform

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