SafeSmart Solves a Temporary Pedestrian Bridge Challenge at Barangaroo

Case Study: Lend Lease, Sydney, April 2015:

Our client needed to provide access across two roads for workers currently working on the Sydney Harbour Barangaroo project. This temporary pedestrian bridge system had to be able to cater for over 600 workers each day entering and exiting the building site. The system had to be weatherproof and provide access to ground on the southern end and access to ground and levels 1 and 2 on the northern end.

Lend Lease contacted SafeSmart, looking for a system that was both flexible and simple to install. The SmartStairs system fitted in with their tight space requirements yet still complying with all relevant Australian requirements. Installation time was less than 6 hours which is remarkable considering the project was nearly 40 metres in length and comprised of two stretcher stair towers over 8 metres high.

SafeSmart designed an aluminium structure using the SmartStairs modules around the tight confinements of the site conditions. The structure was then pre-assembled off site and simply craned into place onto 3 support towers. The structure was weatherproof and had clear sides allowing the workers to view the Sydney Harbour on their daily commute.

Here’s what our client had to say; “Your design was flexible, the products looks better than anything we’ve had before” and our installers made some comments also; “Working with aluminium was a huge advantage, being lightweight we could swing the large pieces into position with ease ensuring the tolerances didn’t pose a problem”

The SafeSmart Access SmartStairs system is a modular design that provides pedestrian access for temporary or permanent applications.

Constructed from high tensile aluminium, the system is very simple and quick to install.

The marine grade aluminium is a high-tensile T6 class, so the modules will not deteriorate over time and the inherent strength of the material means that they are not easily damaged.

This system falls under the AS1657:2013 which enables it to be rated up to 10kpa.

Advantages over Scaffolding:

  • Can be pre assembled off site and simply craned into position: no scaffolder’s ticket required
  • Easily relocatable: simply unbolt and move to next access point
  • System can be made weatherproof quickly and simply- once again done off site

Advantages over Steel:

  • Much lighter to transport
  • Faster to install
  • Can be flat packed into stillages for storage and transportation
  • Marine grade aluminium means there is no risk of rust or corrosion

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