SYS – AdaptaPanel – Capping beam

Simplify Your Site 07 – AdaptaPanel

AdaptaPanel features a heavy-capping beamduty framed panel arrangement to withstand harsh site conditions, as well as slide-in panels for easy modular disassembly and redeployment at another site. The posts bolt to the slab edge, creating a stronger structure than traditional ‘scaffolding’-type edge protection.

The superior edge protection solution is AdaptaPanel from SafeSmart Access.

✔️Now available 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m and 3.0m post heights.
✔️High grade steel.
✔️Fully welded frame and mesh infill.

As one Tier 1 client recently mentioned; “it’s well-engineered, sturdy, and easy to put together”.

With AdaptaPanel, by SafeSmart Access, you gain safe and efficient access for your edge works, including capping beam installations.

AdaptaPanel: brings safe and efficient access to carry out works at edge.

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