SYS – AdaptaPanel – Arrangements

Simplify Your Site 06 – AdaptaPanel.

AdaptaPanel features a heavy-duty framed panel arrangement to withstand harsh site conditions, as well as slide-in panels for easy modular disassembly and redeployment at another site.

The posts bolt to the slab edge, creating a stronger structure than traditional ‘scaffolding’-type edge protection. Available in multiple posts heights of 1.0m, 1.5m, 2.0m & 3.0mH.

The 1.0mH & 2.0mH roof guard rail panels are ideal for high rise construction and to assist with pez (perimeter exclusion zone) and have a reinforced frame to allow them to be flat packed for easy stacking.

When looking for Australia’s leading post and panel edge protection system, look for AdaptaPanel.

With SafeSmart’s AdaptaPanel, you have safe and efficient access to carry out works at edge. AdaptaPanel brings safe and efficient access to carry out works at edge.

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