Sydney Water Plant Gets the Proscaf Treatment

Sydney contractor Above All Solutions were commissioned to provide ways for maintenance people to access several points at a water treatment plant.

In a plant like this, curved and angular concrete walls in spillways, tanks and around pipe infrastructure make height access very difficult, particularly due to a limited amount of suitable points for securing equipment.

In Above All’s case, they found that within tanks, for example, there wasn’t sufficient enough floor area on which to secure base units for building upon due to obstacles, and completely vertical towers made from standard scaffold wouldn’t get a worker close enough to the wall–or to wall-mounted objects like control boxes—without having to overreach from the side of the system.

Above All contacted Sydney-based height access and scaffold provider SafeSmart Access for an answer to the challenge. SafeSmart, as the manufacturer and supplier of Proscaf, recommended this specialist ring-type system and this was used as a core set of components with which to design and implement a solution.

The engineered features of Proscaf, such as load bearing braces, allowed for cantilevered platforms to be built out to the tank walls from a central footing position; and the 8-point rosette connection feature of the scaffold standards meant the best fit could be made inside the perimeter of the circular tank whilst reducing install time.

With Proscaf’s locking connections in assembly, minimal legs and components were required to get around and over complex pipework. In the end, the locking and cantilevering properties of Proscaf in conjunction with the design smarts of Above All Solutions helped the client to minimise downtime during installation. The install was completed approximately 50% quicker than the previous installation utilising Quickstage.

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