Sydney Trains Reaching New Heights with BridgeDeck

Sydney’s metro service transports 66,000 people a day. An incredible number of commuters who often spend 2 hours a day travelling to and from their places of work, school, or the harbour and beaches. It’s no wonder that the train carriage maintenance is a priority for Sydney Trains.

From inspections to replacing parts, the Flemington Maintenance Centre sees many carriages in various stages of their maintenance life and unfortunately, vandalism.

The bellows between carts are often damaged by vandals, being made form a material that is easy to cut. The previous access solution was fixed in height, not accommodating for varying height personnel and restricting access to the entire work area. Looking for a solution, Sydney Trains reached out to SafeSmart Access.

Workshop height access is a common problem SafeSmart Access has solved with the BridgeDeck, a height-adjustable access platform commonly used for maintenance that can be raised or lowered to suit the height of the work area and workers themselves.

This solution offered a number of unique advantages for Sydney Trains and their Flemington crew.

Ultimate Maintenance Solution BridgeDeck granted access to the top, side and bottom fixing points of the bellows simultaneously, allowing repair and replacement work to be completed much faster.

The removable handrail on the bridge of the platform gives unobstructed access to the bellows and also allowed access into the train car.

Being adjustable in height, the bridge could be raised to maximum height and also used for access or edge protection for roof repair works.

When disassembled (centre bridge section removed), the outer access platforms can be used for other maintenance tasks in the workshop.

The previous fixed height equipment was quickly discarded in the presence of a versatile and adjustable solution that was BridgeDeck. Providing both safety and convenience, SafeSmart Access has enabled Sydney Trains to Reach New Heights.

SafeSmart delivered the BridgeDeck system in a 45 degree stair configuration for ease of access to the platform, leaving hands free for carrying parts and tools to and from the work area. The platform also doubled as edge protection and access to end roof area of the train for re-sealing and re-riveting.

BridgeDeck is an adaptive and versatile platform offering access to a range of heights, comfortable egress, and edge protection. This is why it is so popular in workshops around Australia from mining repair bays to vehicle manufacturers, and now Sydney Trains.

If you work in maintenance workshop requiring height access, SafeSmart Access has a solution to suit your needs. Safely, easily and affordably. Reach New Heights with SafeSmart Access.

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