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Super Trestle

Super Trestle

An ultra-transportable two-man work platform that is popular in many industries, from oil and gas to aviation, construction to utilities and beyond.

With a 400mm-wide deck, and compliance with AS/NZS 1576 : 2010, the Super Trestle is easy and fast to setup and put away – scissor-action legs with incorporated rungs allow for a single-action deployment. Made in New Zealand from high-grade aluminium, the Super Trestle is a superior, safer and more efficient solution than plank-and-sawhorse techniques, and other ways of working at height that provide no stability or fall protection.

Available in a variance of models with different maximum platform heights, and a range of add-on accessories.

Two Super Trestles can also be used as ends for our Super Trestle Bridging System.

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Super Trestle
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