Proscaf is an all-in-one solution. With no other components aside from the Proscaf system, complex scaffold structures such as hanging, cantilevered, bridging and propping scaffolds can be built.

Proscaf Aluminium is ideal for those projects where the locking and load bearing properties of Proscaf steel components are required, but you need the light weight and installation advantages that aluminium delivers. Aluminium Proscaf is quicker to erect, demands less wear and tear on workers, allow more components to be transported on a truck, and provides easier access to challenging worksites. Proscaf Aluminium has been designed and tested for optimum strength and durability ensuring that it is suitable for all site conditions. 

the power of proscaf


SafeSmart head office in Sydney, NSW, covers over 50,000 square metres of office, warehouse, and yard space over 2 locations in Ermington.

The stockyard contains large stock holdings of all Proscaf components. At least 2,500 tons of Proscaf are held in Sydney at any given time. In addition, our office and warehouse branches in Brisbane and Melbourne (as well as three yards in New Zealand) provide stock support as required. A team of 30 warehousing and yard team members service these locations.

As a result, our healthy local stock holdings and operational systems enables us to promptly service our client’s stock requirements

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