Underground Loader Tilt Cylinder Access Platform

Underground Loader Tilt Cylinder Access Platform

The Underground Loader Tilt Cylinder Access Platform is custom-designed for secure and efficient access to the tilt cylinders on large underground loaders.
  • The U shape allows it to fit over the wheel without clashes.
  • Stair access for carrying tools and material up and down.
  • Quick release handrails on the front to allow access to the work area.
  • Self-draining, slip-resistant perforated platform.
  • Constructed from marine-grade aluminium.
  • Able to be lifted or forklifted around the site as well.
  • Custom-engineered for specific maintenance tasks on large underground loaders
  • Enhances safety by negating the need for standing on tires or using harnesses
  • Removable guardrails for secure, targeted access to maintenance areas
Tilt Cylinder Access Platform
Customisable for wide array of machinery.

The Underground Loader Tilt Cylinder Access Platform has changed workshop maintenance safety for mining equipment across Australia. Designed specifically for larger underground loaders, this platform offers a secure and direct access point to the tilt cylinders, a critical area often difficult to service safely.

Accessing tilt cylinders on large underground loaders often presents significant challenges, primarily due to the cylinders’ positioning and the restricted space around the equipment. Traditional access methods can be cumbersome, unsafe, and inefficient, requiring workers to climb over machinery or use complex harness setups, which increases the risk of accidents and delays.

The Underground Loader Tilt Cylinder Access Platform from SafeSmart Access addresses these issues by providing a robust, custom-engineered platform that fits securely around the loader. This platform features a U-shaped design to fit over the wheel without clashes, and it includes a slip-resistant, self-draining deck, quick-release handrails, and a 45-degree stair access. These features allow for easy, direct access to the tilt cylinders, enhancing safety by eliminating the need to climb over tires or rely on unstable footholds.

Safety and Efficiency

The platform’s 45-degree stairs provide an effortless and secure ascent for personnel carrying tools and machinery, eliminating the safety risk of climbing over machine tires or the need for time-consuming harness setups. The 1mW x 3mL deck spans the full length and width of the tires, enabling technicians a broad, stable working space while preventing any precarious balancing acts during maintenance. With removable guardrails on the leading edge of the platform, the user can safely access the areas required by isolating the area as needed.

Usage Scenarios

  • Maintenance operations on tilt cylinders for large underground loader equipment
  • Any task requiring safe and expanded access over loader tires without structure interference
  • Scenarios where direct and unhindered access to maintenance zones is essential

This platform embodies SafeSmart Access’s commitment to safety innovation and task-specific design. By providing greater access and stability, it ensures that maintenance personnel can work safely and more efficiently, resulting in decreased downtime and increased productivity. Trust the Underground Loader Tilt Cylinder Access Platform for your most significant maintenance safety needs.

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