Super Trestle

SafeSmart Super Trestle

Super Trestle

SafeSmart Super Trestle
Discover SafeSmart's Super Trestle, an adjustable and versatile platform solution providing quick and safe height access for maintenance across industries.

  • Innovative spring-assisted lift mechanism for easy height adjustment
  • Heavy-duty construction with a 200kg Safe Working Load (SWL)
  • Adjustable up to 1700mm platform height within seconds
  • Wide 450mm deck for secure footing and added workspace
  • Rapid deployment and height adjustment for improved productivity
  • Offers extensive reach and safe elevation for various applications
  • Bridging system available for creating extensive work platforms
  • Mobile design for ease of use across job sites
  • Complies with safety regulations for work at heights
SKU: 210745
Super Trestle Wide Series 1700mm Does not include Handrail unless specified FOLDING LEG VERSION
SKU: 210199
Super Trestle Full Handrail (Not Full Surround)
SKU: 210287
Super Trestle - Full surround handrails to suit 210220
  • Complies to AS/NZS 1892 : 1996
  • Description: Full Surround Handrails to suit 210220
SKU: 210224-1
Super Trestle - Full Surround Handrails to Suit 210221/210222
SKU: 210225-1
Super Trestle - Plank Handrail, One-Sided for a Single Plank
SKU: 210226-1
Super Trestle - Spring-Loaded Wheel
SKU: 210223-1
Super Trestle - Wide 450mm treadplank 2400mm long
SKU: 210220-1
Super Trestle - Wide platform max height 1000mm
SKU: 210221-1
Super Trestle - Wide platform max height 1300mm
SKU: 210222-1
Super Trestle - Wide platform max height 1700mm

The Super Trestle from SafeSmart Access is designed to revolutionise how tasks at height are approached. Its unique, spring-assisted lift mechanism allows for swift adjustments from a fully collapsed state to your required platform height, streamlining operations and minimising setup time.

This innovation extends beyond mere convenience. The Super Trestle is crafted to meet the highest safety standards. The broad 450mm deck provides a stable base, and the 200kg SWL ensures it can reliably support personnel and equipment. The Super Trestle delivers flexibility unmatched by traditional platforms by accommodating various working heights up to 1700mm.

Safety and Efficiency

To further enhance the capabilities of the Super Trestle, SafeSmart introduces the Super Trestle Bridging System. This addition enables the creation of expansive, secure work areas by joining multiple Trestles together, side by side or end-to-end, without compromising stability or safety.

Usage Scenarios

  • Maintenance work in industrial settings where quick height adjustments are needed
  • Trades work that requires stable elevation and flexibility in platform configuration
  • Situations where temporary yet sturdy work platforms are essential

SafeSmart’s Super Trestle exemplifies the commitment to delivering quality, customisable solutions that adapt to the specific needs of any project. With its speed, safety, and adaptability, the Super Trestle is your best bet for meeting the demanding maintenance requirements and trades work efficiently.

Choose SafeSmart Access for an elevated approach to safety and productivity.

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