Refrigerated Truck Access Platforms for Maintenance

Refrigerated Truck Servicing Platform SKU: RTSP

Refrigerated Truck Access Platforms for Maintenance

Refrigerated Truck Servicing Platform SKU: RTSP
  • Manufactured to AS 1657 standards.
  • Aluminium welding conforms to AS/NZS 1665.
  • Aluminium extrusions and sheet comply with AS/NZS 1866 and AS 1734 respectively.
  • Utilizes high tensile 6261 T6 extrusion and 5251 H32 sheet for aluminium parts.
  • 45-degree stairway slope with handrails for safe access.
  • Large platform with a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 500kg.
  • Guardrail frames with handrail, midrail, toeboard, and self-closing gate.
  • Large heavy-duty 200mm swivel/braking plate casters for mobility.
  • Checker plate surface offering grip in greasy conditions.
  • Modular design for easy transport and relocation.
  • Ensures compliance with industry safety standards.
  • Reduces risks associated with maintenance tasks.
  • Accommodates multiple personnel and equipment.
  • Facilitates regular maintenance schedules.
  • Easy to reposition, even in tight workshop spaces.

The Refrigerated Truck Servicing Platform is an innovative solution designed to enhance safety and efficiency for maintenance personnel servicing refrigerated trucks and trailers. Fully compliant with Australian standards, this portable truck access platform is built from high-tensile aluminium, making it both robust for industrial use and lightweight for easy manoeuvrability.

Designed to address the rigorous demands of maintaining refrigerated trucks and trailers, the Refrigerated Truck Servicing Platform from SafeSmart Access is a testament to commitment towards workplace safety and task efficiency. Crafted from premium quality high-tensile 6261 T6 extruded aluminium and 5251 H32 sheet aluminium, this portable truck access platform is built to withstand the daily wear and tear of industrial environments while providing a feature-rich workspace.

The spacious truck access platform offers a large area for laying down tools and parts, which is essential during intricate maintenance work. Workers can safely ascend the truck access platform using a stairway set at a comfortable 45-degree angle, designed to minimise physical strain and safeguard against falls. The inclusion of handrails on either side of the steep stairway ensures that staff have support at every step.

Recognising the importance of mobility in tight workshop conditions, SafeSmart Access has outfitted the servicing truck access platform with heavy-duty 200mm swivel casters that lock into place, making it a breeze for a single individual to reposition the structure as needed. The checker plate flooring is specifically chosen for its anti-slip properties, offering a secure footing even in the slipperiest workshop scenarios.

Safety and Efficiency

Prioritising a safe work environment is paramount, and the Refrigerated Truck Servicing Platform does not disappoint. Meeting compliance with AS 1657 standards for fixed platforms, walkways, stairways, and ladders, the product ensures that maintenance tasks do not come with undue risk. The portable truck access platform’s robust guardrail setup, including a handrail, midrail, toeboard, and a self-closing gate, creates an enclosed work area that minimises the potential for accidents.

Usage Scenarios

  • Refrigerated Truck Regular Maintenance: The Refrigerated Truck Servicing Platform simplifies the arduous tasks of routine inspections, cleaning, and repairs. Its sturdy construction and large SWL make it an indispensable asset for distributing the workload amongst team members.
  • Parts and Tools Management: The generous platform space serves as an efficient staging area for tools and replacement parts, which means fewer trips up and down, translating into time saved and less fatigue for workers.
  • Safe Asset Relocation: When workshop tasks require flexibility, or it’s time to pack up and move to another location, the modular design of the platform allows for quick disassembly. This feature is particularly advantageous for companies that need to optimize space or transport the truck access platform to another servicing site.

In addition to the functionality and convenience that the Refrigerated Truck Servicing Platform offers, SafeSmart Access provides extensive support documentation, underlining the product’s reliability and their commitment to customer satisfaction. For fleet managers and maintenance teams, this truck access platform is not merely an accessory; it is a fundamental resource for maintaining peak operational efficiency and ensuring the highest safety standards.

To enhance your maintenance workflow and support your safety goals, consider implementing the Refrigerated Truck Servicing Platform in your workshop. Other options of the platform, like adjustable versions can be viewed here.

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