Dual Platform Mobile Locomotive Roof Access Platform with Mesh and Sliding Guardrails

Dual Platform Mobile Locomotive Roof Access Platform with Mesh and Sliding Guardrails

SafeSmart Access presents the Dual Level Locomotive Roof Access Platform, a versatile and compliant solution designed for safe train HVAC system maintenance. This high-quality product ensures efficient access to both lower running boards and locomotive rooftops, suited for tasks such as HVAC unit replacements.


  • Compliant with AS 1657:2018
  • Aluminium welding complies with AS/NZS 1665
  • Utilizes high-tensile aluminium 6261 T6 extrusion and 5251 H32 sheet, conforming to AS/NZS 1866 and AS 1734 standards
  • Dimensions: Platform - 3.4mW x 2.2mL x 3.0mH
  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 500kg (225kg per platform section)
  • Sliding guardrail, midrail and toeboard frames each 3.4m side move down 0.4m.
  • Internal removable guardrail frames on the leading 2.2m edges of the 0.6m platforms protect the aperture.
  • Guardrail frames on the outside of the 0.6mW side platforms.
  • Security mesh on all external guardrail frames, removing the risk of dropped objects.
  • Mobile on custom track rollers on one side and fixed 200mm braked caters on the other.
  • The access can be stowed vertically out of the way to reduce footprint.
Mobile Locomotive Roof Access Gantry
  • Mobile Locomotive Roof Access Gantry - 3.4mW x 2.2mL x 3.0mH.

The Mobile Locomotive Roof Access Gantry is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of safety and durability for Locomotive vehicle access. Manufactured to AS 1657:2018 and built with high-tensile aluminium, it provides exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring a long service life even under constant use in demanding environments.

With a SWL of  500kg (225kg per platform), it supports multiple personnel and equipment without compromising safety, perfect for performing complex Locomotive maintenance tasks.

Safety and Efficiency

The platform prioritises worker safety with every design element, featuring a sliding access gate for quick and efficient access and protective mesh on external guardrails for all-round protection whilst reducing the risk of falling objects, mobile on custom track rollers on one side, and 200mm heavy-duty fixed/brake castors on the other. Comes equipped is a 70-degree access ladder complete with handrails. Meeting various compliance standards and equipped with safety certifications, it is not only a robust access solution but a testament to SafeSmart’s commitment to workplace safety.

Usage Scenarios

  • The Multi-Purpose Workhorse: Effortlessly adaptable, this platform can be reconfigured for diverse workshop layouts and task requirements. Whether it’s conducting minor inspections or performing major Locomotive maintenance, this platform accommodates all.
  • Outdoor Adaptability: Designed for outdoor storage and use, this platform proves its worth in sites exposed to the elements. The marine-grade aluminium resists corrosion, ensuring that your investment remains intact for longer.
  • Relocation Made Easy: The ingeniously constructed breakdown design facilitates easy disassembly and transport. Shift your operations with minimal downtime – an indispensable feature for dynamic work environments.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Keep your team’s workflow smooth and safe. The safe working load and spacious design enable the distribution of tasks and tools, enhancing teamwork without feeling cramped.

Other options of the platform, whether that be single level, having platforms on both sides or more compact versions for smaller maintenance tasks can be viewed here:

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