A Cantilever Platform Beyond the Cantilever

Height Adjustable Platform with Loop Guardrails

A Cantilever Platform Beyond the Cantilever

Height Adjustable Platform with Loop Guardrails
  • Delivers safe and close-up access to work areas, ideal for workshops and industrial use
  • Massive height adjustment range: 2.82mH to 4.51mH
  • Manual winch for easy height adjustments
  • 700mm clear cantilever for close-up access
  • 3 access directions for flexible configurations
Height Adjustable Platform with Hoop Guardrails
Height Adjustable Platform with Looped Guardrails

SafeSmart Access’s Height Adjustable Cantilever Work Platform with Loop Guardrails provides an unparalleled access solution for high-reach tasks where space and safety are paramount. The platform boasts a substantial height range from 2.82 meters up to 4.51 meters, making it an incredibly versatile tool for varying workplace requirements.

The manual winch enables swift and secure height adjustments, allowing for seamless transitions between tasks with different height demands. The 700mm clear cantilever ensures that personnel can access areas directly without obstruction, reducing the need to stretch or strain when working at heights or over obstacles.

Moreover, the platform offers three ways to access the work area, coupled with loop guardrails, which guarantee the safety of the user from all directions. The compact and easy-to-maneuver design enhances the efficiency of deploying the platform in tight workshop spaces or industrial environments, where every inch of space counts.

Safety and Efficiency

The Cantilever Work Platform not only delivers on the promise of height adjustability and access but also prioritizes user safety with robust construction and the inclusion of loop guardrails which offer increased edge protection. These guardrails are a pivotal feature in preventing falls, one of the leading causes of workplace accidents in industrial settings.

Usage Scenarios

  • Aircraft Maintenance: For accessing components on various aircraft where precision and safety are needed.
  • Heavy Vehicle Maintenance: Enables safe and effective access for repairs, with features like wind-down jacks ensuring stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Industrial Plant Servicing: Allows close-up access to machinery in plants, minimising downtime and promoting safe operation during maintenance or inspections.
  • Construction: Provides a stable platform for workers to access high and hard-to-reach areas efficiently, making it indispensable for façade work or structural inspections.

These use cases highlight the platform’s capability to adapt to numerous environments, ultimately improving productivity and safety for its operators. With its various configurations and easy adjustments, the Cantilever Work Platform becomes a necessary addition to any operation where height access is often required.

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